Gluten Intolerance

We have adapted many of our recipes to EXCLUDE gluten ingredients, to the degree that we are able. All of our meats, poultry, sh, seafood and our marinades, beans, rice, salsas, tofu, vegetables, and our salad dressings are all gluten-free. This also includes our tacos and enchiladas, nachos and our chicken lime soup. Flour tortillas (which we use for our burritos and quesadillas) are NOT gluten-free and since we prepare all of our food in the same kitchen, we cannot guarantee against cross-contamination.

Vegan Options

We oer great options for vegans: tofu, sautéed veggies, our beans and rice, all of our salsas and of course our guacamole! Our famous taco salad dressing is vegan as well.

With that in mind…

We care about your special dietary needs and want to help you make good choices. In no way should this be considered medical advice. We do not use peanuts or other tree nuts in any food preparation in our restaurant. We cannot be held responsible for individual reactions to any products, nor can we guarantee the absence of crosscontamination.